For Junior Snail Whisperers

How to become a Junior Snail WhispererJSW Certificate

Are you interested in invertebrates? Especially the ones that you can safely find and safely pick up [don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards]. Land snails are just such creatures.

Do you want to work like a scientist? Do you want to work like the Snail Whisperer? Scientists who work with snails are called Malacologists.

Any primary [elementary] or junior secondary student may become a Junior Snail Whisperer.

What do you have to do?

Find an Australian native land snail. It is not the one in your vegetable garden as our native snails do not eat vegetables. Find snails, semi-slugs and slugs in:

  • Tropical rainforestsDSC02610
  • Subtropical rainforests
  • Dry rainforests
  • Temperate rainforests
  • Eucalypt forests and woodland communities
  • Native grasslands
  • Limestone outcrops
  • Other rocky outcrops

Make a poster showing its common name and its scientific name, a picture of the snail and some information you have researched about the snail.

Find information on more common land snails here. If you are having trouble naming your snail, please email a photo and tell him where you found the snail. The Snail Whisperer will help.


Email your poster to the Snail Whisperer. Successful Junior Snail Whisperer’s work will be posted here. Each Junior Snail Whisperer will receive an email reply and certificate from the Snail Whisperer himself.

Jack's Picture

Jack, aged 6. Our first JUNIOR SNAIL WHISPERER



Click here to find out all about landsnails. The snails, semi-slugs and slugs on this website feature some of the 3000 Australian species.

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4 thoughts on “For Junior Snail Whisperers

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  2. Is it possible for young snail enthusiasts in other countries to become Junior Snail Whisperers as well? One of my friends and I are from the United States and would be interested in joining your organization.

    • Of course. We’d be delighted :). It’s not an organisation. Just an encouragement for young people to become interested in land snails. Our focus is promoting these as part of the invertebrates who are 99% of land biodiversity.
      Where do you live?

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