Awards, positions and qualifications

Dr John Stanisic, The Snail Whisperer

Dr John Stanisic, The Snail Whisperer™

Below is a summary of Dr Stanisic’s awards, positions and qualifications.

John received an OAM in 2020 for his work in this field.


2010 Certified Environmental Practitioner of the Year, CEnvPJohn Stanisic

Queensland Museum Medal, 2011

Whtiley Medal 2011: Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales’ Whitley Medal, the most sought after prize in Australian zoological publishing.Web


Honorary Research Fellow, Biodiversity Program, Queensland Museum

Research Associate, Australian Museum, Sydney
Director & Principal Biodiversity Scientist, Biodiversity Assessment & Management Pty Ltd


BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

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2 thoughts on “Awards, positions and qualifications

  1. Hi there
    Every option to buy both books ends in a circle of frustration or broken links to the Queensland Museum and CSIRO.
    I want to buy two sets of Vol One and Vol Two. Can you help me please ?

    • Hi Rosey

      CSIRO no longer holds the volumes. But I don’t know why QM is not responding. The Australian Museum bookshop has both volumes. I would give them a try.


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