The Snail Whisperer™

Dr John Stanisic, The Snail Whisperer

Dr John Stanisic, The Snail Whisperer™

Dr John Stanisic is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Queensland Museum and a Research Associate of the Australian Museum, Sydney. He is Australia’s foremost expert on land snails having held the position of Curator of Molluscs at the museum for 26 years.

John has published numerous scientific and popular articles on the systematics, distribution and biogeography of land snails, in particular their association with rainforest and limestone. John is also Director and Principal Biodiversity Scientist at BAAM Pty Ltd, a specialist fauna and habitat consultancy firm.

His main focus is the emerging use of invertebrates as environmental indicators in local and regional ecosystem management and has managed a number of large scale biodiversity surveys including a ground-breaking review of the Brisbane City invertebrates.

Dr John Stanisic of Queensland environmental consultancy firm, Biodiversity Assessment and Management (BAAM) has won the 2010 Certified Environmental Practitioner of the Year award presented annually by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Stanisic is BAAM’s Principal Biodiversity Scientist and specialises in working with invertebrates (“the other 99%”) as indicators of ecosystem health and in assessing the impacts of ecosystem disturbance and success of regeneration.

Previously Dr Stanisic was Curator of Molluscs at the Queensland Museum from 1980 to 2006. He is now Honorary Research Fellow at that institution and as a private consultant is in the unique position to create a bridge between commercial and research institutions to the benefit of both, and most of all to the understanding of the potential to utilise terrestrial invertebrate species as a true measure of biodiversity. It is his hope that in the future this information will be used to better guide decisions for the adequate conservation of all biodiversity.Youtube logo

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Australian Land Snails Volume 1

Australian Land Snails, Volume 1

Buy the field guide to eastern Australian species.

He is lead author of ‘Australian Land Snails Volume 1‘– a field guide to eastern Australian species”, the first contemporary popular and scientific guide to the identification of 796 species of the rich land snail found in the forests and urban areas of eastern Australia. By popularising a much maligned group of invertebrates, Dr Stanisic hopes that the group as a whole will gain greater recognition for their contribution to the well-being of human kind.

Winner of the Whitley Medal, 2011

Australian Land Snails Volume 2

ALS front cover vol 2

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Dr Stanisic is also lead author of the eagerly awaited (and soon to be released) ‘Australian Land Snails Volume 2‘. This field guides features an additional 800 species from the temperate forests of south-eastern Australia to the semi-arid Gawler and Flinders Ranges of South Australia; the arid Red Centre; the Pilbara and Kimberley of Western Asutralia; and the Nothern Territory’s Top End.

Included in the guide are colour images, descriptions, distribution maps, key localities, habitat and ecology notes and a key to families. A comprehensive introductory section covers such topics as land snail habitats, land snail collecting, snail identification features and snail behaviour and ecology.

Snail Whisperer bronze

The Snail Whisperer: Bronze by Pete Smit, Cobble Cast

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